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The Moon Rose
12 Poems by Jody Gladding
12 Woodcuts by Susan Jane Walp

This collection of poems and woodcuts by two respected Vermont artists is printed on handmade cotton/linen rag paper and sewn into an Arches Cover black paper binding with lilac colored endsheets. A wrap around case of black Asahi book cloth protects the book. The typeface is Perpetua, hand set and printed letterpress.

Each of the twelve poems takes its title from one of the many folk names for the twelve full moons of the year. The poems and woodcuts reflect the changing seasons and the experiences of a woman traveling through first loves, marriage and motherhood.


Egg Moon's

shell begins to crack
crust doesn’t hold
and early morning sun wakes
me dreaming about men
I’d never marry
familiar debris
grapefruit rind
nothing any older
any newer
than its wrinkled


Signed by the author and illustrator.
60 copies. 6x9 inches, 32 pages

$350 plus shipping




A separate edition with all twelve poems and two woodcuts is also available. It is printed on Hahnemuhle Biblio mouldmade paper and bound in a Fabriano Tiziano paper cover without the wrap around case.

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60 copies. 6x9 inches, 20 pages

$75.00 plus shipping

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