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Les Festival des Murmures

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The Raven & the Philosophy of Composition
Edgar Allan Poe

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Poems by Jeffery Beam

MountSeaEden is a sequence of twenty-five short poems contrasting the inner and outer landscapes of earth and water. Beam lives, works and writes in North Carolina.

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Peak to Peak
Robert Walp

Peak to Peak explores the early years of the first complete survey of the Adirondack Moutains and the life of Verplanck Colvin, it's head architect.

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A Story Also Grows
Charlotte Muse

Poems inspired by the words of Ascencion Solorsano, the last native speaker of the Amah Mutsun tribe of northern California.

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Dusk at St. Mark's and Other Poems
Dylan Willoughby

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Crows on Bare Branches
Poems by Tom Sexton

18 poems about the changing seasons told through the migrations of birds in Alaska by this former Poet Laureate.

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Drink a Cup of Loneliness
Poems by David Budbill
Woodcuts by Susan Jane Walp

Living in the moment, growing old, loneliness, the pleasures of country chores and of quiet contemplation, these are the themes of Drink a Cup of Loneliness, a selection of poems by David Budbill with fifteen original woodcuts by Susan Jane Walp.

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The Moon Rose
12 Poems by Jody Gladding
12 Woodcuts by Susan Jane Walp

Each of the twelve poems in this volume takes its title from one of the many folk names for the twelve full moons of the year. The poems and woodcuts reflect the changing seasons and the experiences of a woman traveling through first loves, marriage and motherhood.

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Letterpress Printing, Handmade Paper, Hand Bookbinding


Moon & Water:
A Dream of Ancient Chinese Poets

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